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Buying vs. Leasing IT Equipment: Navigating the Best Choice for Your Busi

ness In the fast-paced digital world, businesses constantly face decisions about acquiring IT equipment. This brings us to the pivotal question: Is it better to buy or lease IT equipment? Understanding the pros and cons of each option is crucial for…

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: A comprehensive analysis for Modern Work

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: A Comprehensive Analysis for Modern Work

The Manifest Highlights Imagis as One of the Most-Reviewed Consulting Companies Globally

The future of work | Why strategic growth matters now more than ever

These last few months have been characterized by uninvited change, uncertainty, and unrest. It’s a tough time to be a business leader.

Managing a diverse and distributed team

Cracks exposed We’ve learned countless lessons over the last few days, weeks, and months that have forced us to change the way we live and work. Prior to COVID-19, many businesses were already transforming to thrive in the digital world. But this health…

How to manage remote workers effectively


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